Why Maharaja Wellness

Maharaja Wellness Making human lives healthier & happier through holistic treatment using advanced clinical methods & principles. Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N Offering holistic treatment using advanced clinical methods and principles of: Classical Homoeopathy Fitness and Exercise therapy Nutrition Clinical Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Counseling Golden Ray Reiki Energy Healing Aura photography and therapy Redikall healing Chakra healing

Why Maharaja Wellness

Holistic Approach through tested, advanced clinical methods and principles.
Offering a holistic approach in treating clients through the therapeutic modes of Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Exercise Therapy, etc which helps to give you a treatment which is based on considering you as a human being who is sick and not treating you as a disease case. Based on a holistic view on health, the treatment and healthcare is focussed beyond providing you relief and on making you healthier and happier.

Comprehensive care.
Using the multi-therapeutic approach of combining approaches of Homeopathy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis, and Exercise Therapy; and following it in accordance with your needs, all efforts are taken to offer you the most proper care needed.

Individualistic treatment.
Each patient /client is treated according to their condition. The treatment procedure is based on considering the person as a whole who is having the disease than considering the treatment of diseases alone. Based on the needs of the individual, the treatment of the individual is decided upon.

Continuous training and support.
In order to maintain your health levels after treatment and to improve it, continuous training and support is provided. Our recommended follow-up schedule after the case taking consultation ensures providing regular health checkups for you. Also, we update you with health information through regular blog posts and intimation about public health training programs.

Wide Ranging Consultation channels.
Consultation and treatment is provided in multiple methods as like consultation through home visit and online consultation. Clinic consultation and home visit is now provided in all parts of Chennai.

Easy access to healthcare and treatment.
Clients get access to the entire treatment and health-care services through SMS, email, in-person, online chat and through our comprehensive website.

Satisfied patients.
Patients and clients have been treated for various conditions. Check out the feedbacks of some of the patients and clients in the testimonials page.

Specific questions and challenges answered.
Special care is ensured to take care of your specific questions, challenges and doubts. The blog of this website is prepared with utmost care to answer your queries. FAQs are provided for all therapeutic methods. When a question for clarification is received from a patient, it is answered to the client according to their needs during the consultation and answered through the wellness blog.

GLOCAL quality standards and approach.
The best industry practices internationally from all leading health care and medical services countries has been selected for setting up the quality standards of Maharaja Wellness. Clients get the best quality and approach in health care available on par and beyond the quality standards set for medical practice services and health care services.