Treatment Methodology

The following is the treatment methodology used.

Consultations are by prior appointment only. For fixing an appointment and for other details regarding consultation procedure, click here.

Consultations are provided on priority basis to patients & clients who are signed for Concierge Medicine Treatment. For more information regarding concierge medicine and treatment plans offered, click here.

Therapeutic approach towards treatment will be on the basis of adhering to the definition of health as proposed by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N which is explained here.

First consultation; will be for 30 where the condition of the patient will be discussed along with information regarding treatment methodology, average duration of treatment that can be expected, methods of treatment, with answering and clarifying any doubts and questions regarding the treatment methods and other information which may be needed by the patient. First consultation will be free of charge. 

From second consultation onwards, duration will be for one hour. In second consultation, a detailed case history regarding the patient’s complaint will be obtained and discussed about. Patients can also download and fill the sample case sheet from the website and bring it for the session of case history taking. Consultation fees will be Rs. 1500 or 30$ per session. Each session may last between 60 to 90 minutes depending on individual requirement of the patient or the client.

Third Consultation; Following case taking session; the collected information will be reviewed and suitable therapeutic modes and alternatives and treatment plan will be discussed with the patient depending upon which; the patient can choose appropriate treatment plan based on their needs and choice.(This consultation can be scheduled within two days of case taking session).

For patients within Chennai consultations can be done through home visit, phone and online.
For patients in other parts of India and Abroad, online consultation is provided. Check out more details regarding online consultation.

Treatment is provided following high quality guidelines about which you can read here.

To know why to select me for your treatment needs, click here.

In cases of acute cases and consultation of shorter or longer duration, fees will be charged accordingly.

Patient can approach with a preferred method of treatment from the various therapeutic modes offered.

Consultation at Patient/Client’s Office/Residence is also advised. Click here the to know the benefits of availing Home visit.

Click here for the list of major conditions for which treatment is offered.

Click here for an online version of the sample case sheet.

Be Healthier and Happier. Become Empowered and Enriched.

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

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