Mr J (Anna Nagar, Chennai)
I came with personal health problems and Dr Maharaja gave me solution in a practical and psychological way by counselling me. Now my mind is clear and I thank Dr Maharaja for his valuable counselling.


Mr R (Rangarajapuram, Chennai)
The counselling session with Dr Maharaja was very useful in as much as the problems have been identified and solutions, as how they appeal to me as solutions, have been prescribed. Thus, I feel it is an intelligent way of ensuring that I implement the solutions without any excuses. Thanks.


Mr T (Elephant Gate, Chennai)
I came up with challenges on my goal setting process. Dr Maharaja guided me to set these goals in a SMART manner. I am going to rework on my goal setting process so that it’s going to be highly effective and I could achieve my goal within the specified time limit.


Mr RV (West Mambalam, Chennai)
I had a lot of stress. So, I underwent a hypnotic session with Dr Maharaja to get relief for my problem. Under his hypnosis therapy session, I could get a deeply calm and relaxed state for my mind and body. I had a really deep sleep the following night after a long time. 100% satisfied. I pray for him to have a long, happy and prosperous life to our Guru YogiRamSooratkumar.


Mr G (Anna Nagar, Chennai)
My problem was having a lot of clutter in my mind. I had a counselling session with Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N as house visit in my place at Nandanam and by working with him for my problem, I could list down and categorize my needs and ambitions. As a result of the session, I could benefit by systematizing my thoughts and clear the clutter in mind.


Miss M (Anna Nagar, Chennai)
I had a problem of relationship issue leading to confusion. I had a counselling session with Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N at his clinic and I could obtain a solution by which I understood to love myself and know what I want first and then think about others needs too, and then put them all together, see all that coincides and see all that differs. See if I can work on differences or not and that will give me the answer. I have benefited from this session and others can also benefit by learning to see yourself more to know what could keep you happy and you can work towards finding them or making them happen. Looking forward for my next session with Dr Maharaja N.


Mrs S – Psychologist (Nungambakkam, Chennai)
Dr Maharaja’s training on health was fantastic. He is knowledgeable and he shares his knowledge in a unique way.


Mr R K (Egmore, Chennai)
Being a Psychology student, I thought just physical, mental or social factors comprise the health. But Dr Maharaja has educated me on the other factors too. The way he made me realize my present state of health and the way to improve my health is really amazing and very much useful. I’m definitely going to use this. A bunch of thanks to Dr Maharaja for his excellent session.


Mr K E (Egmore, Chennai)
He is knowledgeable and helped me to improve my career much better through counselling.


Mr V V N (Nungambakkam, Chennai)
Dr Maharaja had excellent knowledge in his subject and a firm grasp over his topic. He had ventured to provide novel definitions over unexplored dimensions of health. Excellent session full of practical application.


Mr S (Veerapuram, Chennai)
Homeopath Dr Maharaja’s case taking method and case sheet is very good and useful and helped me understand my problems in a better way. His treatment sessions are very good.


Mr R P (Porur, Chennai)
Dr Maharaja was the speaker in one of the programs I attended today in Hypnotique circle.
He gave a powerful presentation on concept of Health & Well Being.


Mr T K (Chennai Central, Chennai)
Dr. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N, is one who tries to attack the root cause rather than attacking just the symptom. His treatment methodology is Holistic. He treats the person as a whole rather than for particular symptom so that the problem doesn’t relapse. All The Best for his endeavors.


Mr S (Avadi, Chennai)
Dr Maharaja is a very good hypnotherapist whose hypnosis treatment is giving me good benefits and relief from my complaints.


Mr S G (West Mambalam, Chennai)
I consulted Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian regarding my career health and the modes of rising my standard of living including health, the advise which he gave me are  very useful in my opinion. His advice and discussion was very exhaustive and covered whatever I expected. I hope the ways which he suggested shall be very useful to maintain good health (physical and mental), to improve standard of living and achieve greater success in profession and lead a peaceful life with family in the society.


Be Healthier and Happier. Become Empowered and Enriched.

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

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