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Check more about the treatment methods, my qualifications, my definition of health, quality guidelines followed, what are the benefits you get in treatment from me, and the quality guidelines followed by me in the treatment process.


Dr Maharaja’s Definition of health

Qualifications Know more about my qualifications.

Therapeutic Modes
Click below to check and know more about the treatment methods I am qualified and use for your treatment.


                                Exercise Therapy

                                Golden Ray Reiki


                                Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis


Quality Guidelines Know more about the quality guidelines followed in the consulting procedure.

Why Maharaja Wellness Check out the benefits from holistic treatment.

Diseases – Medical Conditions The different conditions for which treatment is provided and different techniques which are used for providing treatment.

Treatment Methodology.
Check the links below to know and understand more about treatment method which I will use to treat you.

Treatment Methodology Know more about the treatment method.

Sample Case Sheet Check out the sample case sheet which will be used for your case taking, go through it before the first consultation to know the details you need to give during case taking.

Concierge Medicine Treatment Know more about my concierge medicine practice.

Check below to know more about my consultation procedure and how you can fix an appointment with me for a consultation.

Consultation Know more about the consultation procedure and consultation options at my consulting branches, home visit option, online consultation method, etc.

Home Visit Know more about home consultation procedure, why it will be beneficial for you, and how you can avail it.

Online Consultation Know more about online consultation procedure, how you can benefit from it and how to have an online consultation.

Appointments Check out here to know how to fix an appointment and to fix an appointment for your consultation.

Services Know more about services offered to people, corporates and other organizations.

19th Patient/ Client offer day Know more about the special client treatment day reserved for economically challenged people.

Check out the resources that will be helpful for you. Resources in the forms of articles, videos, illustrations, photos, case studies, etc.

Resources Check out the different resources.

Articles Check out different articles related with health, Homeopathy, Counselling, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, etc.

Case Studies Check out different case studies where I discuss about different cases.

Illustrations Check out different illustrations related with health, Homeopathy, Counselling, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, etc.

Newsletter Check out the newsletter section for healthier happier peak performer newsletters.

Videos Check out different videos related with health, Homeopathy, Counselling, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, etc.


Blog Check out the blog for latest info to help you become healthier and happier.

Testimonials Check out the feedback from some of my clients and patients.

Contact Check out details about how you can contact me.