Golden Ray Reiki

Golden Ray Reiki
Reiki is a system of energy treatment. Based upon ancient knowledge attributed to be from Tibet and rediscovered by Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui, it is an ancient healing system. Reiki finds it origin from a Japanese word and means UNIVERSAL ENERGY. Reiki is a system of complementary medicine helpful in promotion of health and quick recovery from illness. It is a safe system based on energy treatment with no known side-effects.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a complementary system which deals with energy processes of health and disease. It helps in treatment and recovery based on the principles of energy planes of the body.

Is Reiki a recognized medical system?
Reiki is a recognized as a energy medicine under the classification of Complementary and Alternative Medical systems.

What is the education system of Reiki?
As such, Reiki is not offered as a course and it is practiced and taught in the method of master to student system. A person who has achieved the level of a Master Reiki Practitioner can ‘initiate’ a student into Reiki as a practitioner. There are many schools or sub-systems of Reiki practice. Usually, there are three levels to meet the Reiki Master Practitioner level.

What is meant by distant healing method?
Reiki as a energy medicine can also be used as a distant healing method for aiding in treatment of people in a far off place too. Repeated clinical verifications support that distant healing is as effective as close or proximity healing.

What are the conditions for which Reiki can be used a treatment option?
Reiki is best used a complementary method for other major therapy methods. Reiki practitioners have reportedly verified better results in cases of major acute and chronic disease conditions with good improvement in health condition. Click here for a list of major conditions for which MAHARAJAWELLNESS offers treatment using principles and methods of Reiki.
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