Quality Guidelines

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Health and wellness is of the most prime importance for humanity, and as such, the quality of health care in terms of information, treatment and care is of utmost importance.

Quality of International Standards is maintained in serving all patients, clients and enquiry. Glocal approach is preferred in offering services to the clients. The following are the quality guidelines which are followed with absolute sincerity in all cases.
(From here onwards, all patients, clients and enquiry will be referred to as clients for easier understanding and referencing).

– All clients are treated with respect and care.
– Clients are involved in all discussion about your care, treatment and support.
– Ongoing support, information and training are provided for all clients in forms of emails, sms, calls and blog posts.
– Client handling is done with integrity with all client information being kept with absolute confidentiality.
– With addition to above point, client details are used with due diligence for training, education and research purposes for other clients and health-care professionals, even then the personal information of the clients are kept confidential.
– Prior and Subsequent to the case taking session, clients will be informed completely about the treatment procedure and methodology and after answering any other queries of the clients only, treatment will be begun.
– Only when the clients agree with the treatment methods and plan, the treatment will be begun, else the clients will be advised for consulting with other specialist.
– Proactive measures will be taken to make sure that clients will get better care and treatment which will be done periodically.
– If, the client will be better treated by some other therapist or health-care professional, the client will be notified about it and will be recommended to that concerned person.
– All treatment plans and procedures are structured on basis of understanding the individualistic personal needs of the clients based on expert opinion of the treating consultant.
– Constant follow-up is done to make sure that the quality guidelines are up in standards and feedbacks are collected from clients to improve the services provided.
– Treatment and other services are provided based on the individual client needs and will differ for each person even if for similar condition based on the client needs.
– In case the treatment procedure is not agreed upon by the client, it will be discussed and effort will be taken to accommodate client’s needs and preferences. However, if the revised treatment plan does not meet the standards of best care which can be offered by the consultant, then the client will be advised to continue treatment elsewhere.
– Care is provided through clinic consultation, online consultation and home visit consultation. As all consultations are in basis of earlier appointment, strict quality will be maintained and best possible care and support will be provided for all clients.
– Consultation and treatment to the clients will be provided based on knowledge, skills and experience of the consultant.
– Human rights of the client will be completely adhered to.
– During the course of treatment, if the client does not wishes to convey any information or facts, it will be respected as long as it does not affects the treatment. However, if it seems to be harmful, the client shall be encouraged to express the information.
– Clients and their attenders can report in case of any complaints, suggestions and opinions freely.
– Regular quality checks will be done on treatment and care provided to the clients. This will be done during the course of the treatment and after the period of treatment through any one of the medium as phone calls, sms or email.
– All personal records of clients are maintained confidentially. After every subsequent consultation, client files are updated and sent to the client or their guardian through email.
– Recording and documentation of the consulting sessions of the clients are done when it is felt necessary after informing and obtaining prior permission from the client. Recording can be in the form of written notes, audio recording, or video recording.
– If the client makes a request against recording and documentation of their details, it is respected and recording and documentation is not done in such cases.
– All support and care is client focused.
– Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N will be the chief consultant for all clients.
– All clients are taken care by following a proper process as explained in the treatment procedure with the first consultation being for informing the clients, second session being for detailed case taking and from third session onwards for treatment procedure.
– Decision making in treatment procedure is based on due diligence by taking into account the needs of the client in a holistic manner with an aim to give the best care.
– Continual up-gradation of treatment procedure and ability of consultant is done by continuous learning process.
– Client oral consent is obtained before every examination, care, treatment session.
– Care will be taken to give safe and proper care for all clients.
– Clients will be protected from any infection which the consultant may be suffering from. In events where the consultant may be infected, clients will be notified and their in-person appointments will be rescheduled.
– Respect will be provided for all clients and all care will be in accordance with their colour, race, language, sex, religion, beliefs, disability, age, preferences.
– All prescriptions and guideline sheet will be sent to the client through email.
– Client’s queries will be answered through one of the following ways; in person, phone call, online chat, sms, email, blog post.
– Clients will be informed of all possible outcomes of treatment and care, examination ways, lab investigations, etc and the need for the same.
– Analysis of any of the client’s reports will be done by qualified consultants. Treatment and care will be provided only by qualified and competent experts.
– In case of minor, the guardians are completely informed about all the details and oral consent obtained from them before beginning the treatment ways.
– Clients shall be informed about consultation fees before the beginning of the treatment and shall also be notified through online site. Any changes in fees shall be notified in the web site.
– In cases where care and support needs to be provided for the client which may be ethical and needed, however may not meet any of the above quality guidelines, treatment shall be provided.
– The quality guidelines will be posted in the web site and shall be reviewed and updated at regular intervals.