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Nutrition an part of human life is also known or referred to as nourishment or aliment. Over the many years nutrition, which was considered to be a minor part, has gained major importance as one of the main branches of life sciences. Any irregularities in nutrition would result in many unhealthy consequences. Nutrition has proved not only as an effective measure for prevention of illness but also an efficient tool in treatment and post-rehabilitation of illnesses.
Nutrition has long been considered as a science dealing with importance and nutrient values of food products. However, with latest advancements nutrition has become a specialized branch with nutrition being discussed in every individual’s level with each person getting their own importance. Nutrition can be divided as two major types namely, general or basic nutrition and supplemental nutrition.
Nutrition refers to both as the study of food and drink and as the physiological process by which the human body acquires, assimilates and uses various nutrient components.

Is nutrition a medical science?
Nutrition is a science which helps in study of food and drink. Nutrition as an applied science can be used a complementary to medical treatment.

Is nutrition recognized as a health system?
Nutrition is considered a biological based practice system under the classification of Complementary and Alternative Medicine systems.

How does proper nutrition help in treatment?
Proper nutrition complements medical treatment and it helps in maintaining a preferable biological and physiological processes and body state which promotes faster and better recovery and maintenance of health.

What are the conditions where nutrition can be used as a complementary system?
Nutrition therapy, diet therapy, clinical nutrition, applied nutrition can be used a complementary system in various stages of treatment for various disease conditions both of acute and chronic nature. Nutrition in proper form can also act as a prevention method from major illnesses. Click here for a list of major conditions for which MAHARAJAWELLNESS offers treatment using the principles and methods of nutrition.

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