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Classical Homeopathy or Homeopathy

Homoeopathy or Homeopathy is a system of therapeutics explained and found by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It has the origin of its name from Greek, ‘homoios’ meaning ‘similar’ and ‘pathos’ meaning ‘suffering’. It is considered as the leading system among alternative systems of medicine. It is classified under the ‘whole medical systems’ under CAM classification.

What is the basic principle behind Homeopathy?
The basic principle behind Homoeopathy or Homeopathy is ‘similia similibus curentur’ or the ‘law of similars’ which means, ‘let like be cured by like’.

What are the conditions for which Homeopathy can be used?
Homeopathy is a tested method of treatment acting very well in cases of both acute and chronic disease conditions.

Why does Homeopathy treatment take so long?
Homeopathy takes a long time of treatment is a misconception. Homeopathy acts faster in acute cases and even in chronic cases, Homeopathy acts faster in persons with good reactivity to treatment.

Is Homeopathy against surgery?
Homeopathy is not against any surgical method. In fact, Homeopaths in India have surgery as one of the subjects taught in medical college. Homeopaths tell in not undergoing unnecessary surgical procedures when the treatment can be done using medications.

Why does a Homeopath asks so many questions? Why is the consultation time for every sitting of very long duration?
Homeopathy is based upon the ‘law of individualization’. Homeopathy treats the person who is sick and suffering and not the illness alone from which the person is suffering. Also, the treatment procedure is based upon the person as a whole, i.e.; mental, emotional and physical planes together as a single human being. Hence, Homeopaths need to understand all the necessary information and sometimes, in certain cases, may ask more number of questions than practitioners of other medical systems. In case of such a detailed case taking procedure, the duration of the consultation is extended.

Is Homeopathy a recognized medical system?
Yes. Homeopathy is a recognized medical system. It is classified under the ‘whole body systems’ of Complementary and Alternative Medical systems. It is one of the leading alternative medical systems. It is also recognized as a alternative medical system in many countries like India, etc.

What is the type of education system in India for Homeopathy?
In India, Homeopathy is a 5½ years course which consists of 4½ years of theoretical and practical medical education and 1 year of compulsory internship.

Why do all medicines in Homeopathy look like same, as small round toffees?
Homeopathic medicines are prepared through special Homoeopathic procedure known as potentization. They are dispensed in by medicating un-medicated globules or pills which are usually confused for toffees.

Is Homeopathy a placebo system?
Repeated scientific procedures, and many cured cases have been a verified and tested proof that Homeopathy is not a placebo system.

Can I take Homoeopathic medicines on my own?
No. Self medication is strictly not advisable in Homeopathy. There are lot of medicines for the same condition and the medicine may be different for a same person for a same complaint at different times. Hence, Homeopathic medicines, should be taken only under the treatment and guidance of a Homeopathic Doctor.

What are the conditions for which Homeopathy can be a good treatment choice?
Homeopathy is a very good treatment choice for people suffering from various illnesses. Click here for a list of major conditions for which MAHARAJAWELLNESS offers treatment using principles and methods of Homeopathy.