Fitness and Exercise Therapy

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Fitness and Exercise Therapy

Fitness is a status or quality of the health status of an individual. It includes various methodologies which make an individual fit and healthier. Exercise Therapy helps an individual to meet maximum fitness level and is a wonderful tool for treatment at all levels of treatment from prevention, pre-operation and post-operation rehabilitation, and in treatment of various illnesses where physical exercise is seldom thought of as a therapeutic tool.
Fitness refers to two concepts or references. One being the fitness level of an individual which assess his health status of being physically, mentally and socially healthy with absence of disease or illness; and the other being the fitness with reference to the occupation and the lifestyle a person leads; and the ease with which it is lead. This can be done by understanding proper fitness goals which are both necessities and needs of an individual and by devising and implementing various fitness methodologies to improve and make better the fitness quotient of an individual. Exercise therapy in such a way acts both as a preventive and health maintenance method as well as treatment method for illnesses which are generally treated only medically.

What is meant by exercise therapy? What is the difference between fitness regimen and exercise therapy?
Exercise therapy is a system of complementary therapy system which uses exercise as a tool in a scientific method based on tested principles for faster recovery and maintenance of health. While fitness is a concept of using exercises for a healthier life, exercise therapy is an advanced form of it which will help in treatment of illnesses and in cases of pre and post operative rehabilitation.

Can doing exercises be harmful?
Yes. In cases of improper exercises in terms of improper form or improper regimen or both and more so when not done under proper guidance, exercises can cause more harm than benefit. Hence, it is always advised to seek expert guidance before undergoing any such regimen from a qualified exercise specialist.

Is exercise therapy a recognized system?
Exercise therapy is a complementary system which comes under the body based practices in the classification of Complementary and Alternative Medical Systems.

What are the conditions for which exercise therapy can be used?
Exercise therapy can be used as a complementary method to other therapeutic systems and treatment plans in most of the conditions of both acute and chronic nature. Click here for a list of major conditions for which MAHARAJA WELLNESS offer treatment using principles and methods of fitness and exercise therapy.