Counseling Counselling

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Counseling or Counselling

Counseling or counselling is a method of facilitation or helping the patient or client for effective problem solving. It is of very good therapeutic use especially in cases of problem solving and for skill development and as a treatment method for certain psychological conditions. Counselling helps in identifying a better approach and for planning a future course of remedial action in a difficult situation.

What can Counselling help with?
Counseling is a method of psychology specialty which is used by a practitioner or counselor to help the client or person in better and effective achievement of already planned outcomes. It can also help in achieving health based outcome.

How is counselling helpful?
Once a client decides a outcome that he wants to meet, then along with the counsellor’s facilitation, the person analyses the situation and finds a better and proper way to meet the outcome. In counseling, the strengths and skills of the individual are more focused upon building upon which a method to meet the desired outcome is facilitated by the counselor.

What are the conditions for which counselling can be helpful?
Counseling can be useful as a complement to other medical systems and as a separate system for helping the patient to meet their outcomes. Click here for a list of major conditions for which MAHARAJAWELLNESS offers treatment using the principles and methods of Counselling.