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The following are some of the important questions for which you need to know the answers as a patient/client to avail better benefits from Concierge Medicine Treatment.

–       What is concierge medicine method of treatment?
–       What are the differences between regular practice and concierge medicine practice?
–       How will you benefit by availing concierge medicine treatment?
–       What are the benefits you will get from Maharaja Wellness as part of being treated as a concierge medicine patient by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N?
–       What are the various concierge medicine plans available?
–       What are the various concierge medicine plans available?

What is Concierge Medicine method of treatment?
Concierge medicine is a treatment method wherein, the following guidelines are met;
1 There is a direct relationship between the physician and the patient in which, the patient pays an annual retainer fee to the physician for enhanced and personalised care and treatment.
2 Concierge Medicine uses a client-centric approach than an illness centric approach.
3 An annual retainer fee which may be in addition to other charges.
4 The physician provides treatment which is most suited for the patient.
5 The doctor limits the number of patients so that the patients will be provided with individualised service, high quality care, treatment availability through various channels and other features.
6 Concierge Medicine is also known by other names like;
–       Boutique medicine, because of the receiving treatment which is exclusively designed for them and suited according to their health condition.
–       Retainer based medicine, because of the patients paying an annual retainer fee to the doctor for being able to get treatment.
–       Innovative medical practice design, as the physician has the independence to practice and give medical care according to the needs of the specific patient, rather than one model of treatment being applied to all.
7 Concierge medicine is a speciality where all patients are treated as special patients and provided high quality care.

What are the differences between regular practice and concierge medicine practice?
The following are the differences between regular medicine practice and concierge medicine practice;
–       In regular practice, a doctor usually sees around 3,000 – 60,000 patients on an average in a year, depending upon various parameters (like place of practice, speciality, etc.) whereas in concierge medicine practice, I as the doctor (& also generally) restrict the number of patients to 300 – 1,000 patients on an average in a year. This helps to take enhanced care for the patient and to give them treatment which is necessary both from curative as well as preventive aspect.
–       In regular practice, a patient gets less time to consult a doctor (usually a few minutes) which may not be enough both for the patient and the physician to share all the correct details about the illness and the treatment procedure. In concierge medicine, the patient usually gets an hour or more with the physician which helps in giving enough time to discuss about the patient’s health condition in detail, thus creating opportunity to also discuss in detail about the treatment approach and about do’s and don’ts during the treatment like nutrition, lifestyle, etc, to be followed.
–       In regular practice the treatment is focussed on the disease part and curative part and is usually provided after the patient gets the disease and till the disease is present. In concierge medicine practice, the treatment is focussed on the disease part and curative part and on the preventive part, thus preventing many illnesses even before their occurrence by improving overall health status and continuing the treatment even after the disease ends to prevent a relapse of the condition.
–       In regular practice, the treatment is provided through the patient visiting the doctor, and less often the doctor coming in for home visits. In concierge medicine, the service provided is special and beyond the normal care provided and includes home visits, visit to the doctor, preventive care, contact with the doctor through phone and email, and much more.
–       In regular practice the patient may get later appointments, the treatment is usually hurried as there are other patients in the waiting room to see the doctor, the patients may have to wait in a queue to see the doctor which may even be for few hours depending upon the number of patients and may also end up seeing the patient only for few minutes. In concierge medicine, the patients have extended access to the doctor through phone and email, get quicker, even same day appointments, with the appointments being extended to an hour or more and in an un-hurried way, with the waiting rooms being completely free as only the concerned patient is being provided the treatment, personalised care for the patient and even house visit to see the patient.
–       In regular practice, the doctor gets to see all patients who come through or seek appointment thus having mostly a crowded clinic, less time per patient, inability to spend time with each patient and give a treatment which is well suited for them & also take care of preventive treatment, etc. In concierge medicine practice, the doctor sees the patients who have availed his special services predominantly and rarely sees others, thus also having a highly less crowded practice, with increased ability to spend more time for every patient and is able to discuss the patient’s health problems in detail, offer them treatment according to their needs, and also be able to focus on their preventive health and nutrition and lifestyle regimen to be followed by them.

How will you benefit by availing concierge medicine treatment?
–       Having more time with the doctor will give you more chances to discuss about your health condition, get personalised treatment based upon you and your condition, more time with the doctor, and getting priority appointment.
–       Access to the doctor is through multiple ways in terms of clinic visit, house visit, phone, email, etc.
–       The focus of the treatment is on both providing treatment & to cure the current illness and on preventive healthcare. Prevention is always better than cure and can save you a lot of money & sufferings.
–       Get to know in detail more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
–       Less waiting time to see the doctor. Easily be able to approach the doctor.
–       Holistic approach to your health. Being a client-centric approach, focus is on you and not your illness alone.
–       Get a VIP care for your health.
–       Other benefits which are offered to you from Maharaja Wellness.

What are the benefits you will get from Maharaja Wellness as part of being treated as a concierge medicine patient by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N?
As part of my concierge medicine clients, you will get the following benefits from me.
–       Quicker appointments for treatment. Waiting time will be very less. You will get appointment within the same day or as soon as possible to meet me for your treatment. This will help you to get treatment faster which will benefit your rapid recovery.
–    Being a client-centric holistic approach, as more focus is on you, you will undergo a comprehensive health assessment which will help you to find out what are the areas of your health that needs to be taken care of.
–        After the first assessment, you will be given options of various treatment options & the best approach suited to you can be used for your most benefit.
–       Access to my medical & healthcare services through major ways like, clinic consultation, house visit, consultation through phone & email.
–       Get a copy of your entire case record on demand.
–       Appointment time depending upon mutual convenience which will also help you to get the appointment based on your time schedule.
–      I will be seeing less number of patients on an average which will give me more time to study your case in detail & also prepare & give you with resources which help in improving of your & your family’s overall health.
–       Appointments available on all seven days from morning to night.
–       Very less waiting time in my clinic if you are going to visit me in my clinic for your appointment.
–       Personal email access where you can contact me directly to my personal email & get reply within 24 – 48 hours.
–       Phone call & SMS access where you can contact me directly to my personal number & will be getting reply quickly.
–       House visits provided depending upon your place of residence.
–       Consultation through Skype.
–       For patients opting for concierge medicine, the consultation fee per consultation will vary according to their plans and will help to save a lot of money.
–       Periodical basic health assessments & health improvement resources provided to you from me for improving your health.

How does Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N qualify as India’s 1st Holistic Concierge Medicine Doctor?

At the time of beginning my concierge based practice, as the only search result for ‘concierge medicine India’ in Google revealed my reference only from India with others being related information web sites about concierge medicine. And also, most of the physicians practising concierge medicine around the world have a web platform through which they serve their patients.

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