Concierge Medicine Plans

Have you read about Concierge Medicine treatment method? Do you want to avail concierge medicine treatment options? Then, read on.

Concierge Medicine plans offered by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Concierge Medicine Membership is available for Individuals, couple & for family (up to 4 members).

Depending upon the plan, free consultation credit units are provided. In lieu of the payment done, patients get free consultation credits which they can use for consultation purpose.

Concierge medicine model of practice lays importance on the facts like;
1 Prevention is better & cost effective than cure.
2 Medical doctors and other related health-care professionals can help patients to lead a healthier life along with also treating their illnesses.

The general exchange plans for utilizing the consultation credits for consultation are;

For consultation through online (Skype): 1 credit per consultation.

For consultation in person at clinic: 1 credit per consultation.

For consultation through house visit: 2 credits per consultation.
For areas covered under house visit, click here.

Each consultation will be for one to two hours depending upon the individual patient/client needs.

Patients of concierge medicine plans will be given priority appointments.

Once the free credit units are used up, further credits can be obtained by paying appropriate fee at that moment which will be notified in future.

Clients of Concierge plans have access to me through my personal email & personal phone number.

The following are the features of the various concierge plans.


Individual concierge medicine planCouple concierge medicine planFamily concierge medicine plan
Free consultation credits81215
Free case sheet assessment (patient will be updated based on it whether they need to undertake any treatment)44 (per individual)4 (per individual)
Unhurried visits(One to two hours consultation based on patient or client needs)YesYesYes
Priority appointmentsYesYesYes
Access to personal email and personal phoneYesYesYes
Access to a web page where patient will be provided with resources which will guide them to a healthier lifeYesYesYes
Access to case sheet on demandYesYesYes
Consultation through Skype (depending upon Doctor discretion of patient’s condition)YesYesYes
Copy of the prescription delivered through emailYesYesYes
Appointments can be obtained on seven days a week (subject to availability of appointment time)YesYesYes
Advice on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise regimen, etcYesYesYes
Discounts in participation of health programsYesYesYes
Opinion on lab tests undertaken (both in person & through email)YesYesYes
Investment per annum(Subject to changes)Rs 7,500 or 150 $Rs 11,500 or 230 $Rs 15,000 or 300 $

In case of the patient suffering from an illness which is beyond the domain of treatment of Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N, the patient will be informed of the same & will be referred or requested to contact the concerned medical or health care professional.

For any other clarifications needed, please contact me.

Be Healthier and Happier. Become Empowered and Enriched.

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

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