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Article: Welcome to MAHARAJA WELLNESS

Article: What is counselling?

Article: The various types of injuries. What are they? Know your injuries.

Article: The concept of Energy expenditure and Metabolism. What is it?

Article: General Health Guidelines

Article: What are the information you need to obtain from your Doctor? And how will it impact you?

Article: Very good observations by The Times of India team

Article: How can therapy be done virtually?

Article: How can you increase your income?

Article: Why you should not stand continuously?

Article: When should you avoid drinking water?

Article: What is the Format of an ideal case sheet?

Article: What is meant by Self-Disclosure?

Article: What are the history that the patient needs to tell to the Doctor and why?

Article: What are the different therapeutic approaches in counselling?

Article: Update regarding 19th patient offer day on 19th December 2011

Article: Three main past medical history details that you should let your Doctor know.

Article: Are you suffering from Psychopathology of the average?

Article: Lessons for Healthcare professionals, Doctors and Medical students.

Article: Is it true that not having a problem is the biggest problem?

Article: Steps to be taken to prevent occurence of Chronic diseases and other major illnesses.

Article: How to have an optimum water intake?

Article: How to give a good history of your complaints to the Doctor?

Article: How much time should you exercise?

Article: Most needed knowledge in life.

Article: How to overcome bad habits? How to develop healthy habits? Three steps to do so.

Article: How a good medical consultation should be done for your benefit?

Article: IT and Back Pain, an Insight

Article: Understanding Fitness – Let us get to the basics Part 1

Article: Understanding Fitness – Let us get to the basics Part 2

Article: 12 Methods to assess and improve yourself and your personality

Article: Defining and Explaining Homeopathy as I learnt it from my teacher

Article: Two key factors which ensures faster recovery from illness

Article: Benefits of a having a good case taking session

Article: Application of Homeopathic medicine Nux vomica in cases of abdominal pain and constipation

Article: Happy to share, I have been selected as Executive Member of IHML

Article: What to do when you notice a swelling around your eyes?

Article: Do you have insomnia? What to do when you have insomnia?

Article: Amazing results seen till now from Home Visit and Online Consultation

Article: Why do patients discontinue or do not follow treatment properly and how you can avoid them?

Article: How are illnesses caused? How does one become ill or gets a disease?

Article: Why are patients not being treated properly?

Article: What is the role of nutrition as a causative factor in addiction?

Article: Are you listening to your patient or client? Professional continuing education for health care professionals.

Article: What are the two main contraindications to Homeopathy as a method of treatment?

Article: How to restore balance after an emotional disturbance?

Article: How does hypnosis work?

Article: How Homoeopathy can be used to supplement or substitute NRT in tobacco cessation?

Article: Hypnotherapy as a tool for de-addiction.

Article: My deepest condolence with the parents whose daughter has died due to medical negligence on May 31,2012. My views on where and how the medical system is becoming even more negligent.

Article: What are the three conditions or situations when you should go for a treatment session with your Therapist or Doctor?

Article: How good is your sleep? Three tweaks to make your sleep better and healthier.

Article: How do people react to unfavourable situation and how should you respond when you have one?

Article: How is the prescription decided in Homeopathy? What is the importance given to the patient in Homoeopathy?

Article: My reply to the article titled “shaming the Hippocratic oath” in The Times of India dated June 4,2012, Chennai edition by Mr Vivek Kulkarni.

Article: How does your lifestyle, diet and other mistakes in life impact your treatment? How do they make you more sick?

Article: How to reduce your medication, especially when you have been under medication for long?

Article: How should you tell your symptom? What type of symptoms will help in quick treatment and recovery?

Article: How has the series of multiple illnesses made the way treatment should be in present and future scenario?

Article: What are the natural responses to emotional or psychological trauma?

Article: What is indicated when you as a patient cancel or change your appointments frequently?

Article: Presentation on “Psychological Dimensions in Homoeopathy” on 24-06-2012. Homeopaths are welcome.

Article: What are the various methods of treatment for emotional or psychological trauma?

Article: Are you suffering from an illness or from an artificial illness? Which one requires medication and which one does not?

Article: How can Homoeopathy or Homeopathy help as treatment method for emotional or psychological trauma?

Article: Slides from presentation on “Psychological Dimensions in Homeopathy”

Article: Why do people suffer from pain when they can get relief?

Article: Why do Doctors use quote of places where they obtained their degrees from?

Article: How your family can benefit from a home visit by a doctor?

Article: How can Homoeopathy be used as a muli-model approach method for tobacco cessation?

Article: Are you hydrating properly? What is the optimum level of water you need to drink? How can and should you drink it?

Article: How much time should you exercise? Who is the person who you should meet before starting any exercise program? What is the one main rule to follow when doing any exercise regimen?

Article: How good is your social health? One area which you may have overlooked which may be disturbing your life long time.

Article: Do you live your true identity? Are you your true self or living as a reactive person?

Article: Few diseases connected with headache, which you need to know if you have frequent headache.

Article: What are the conditions resulting in inflammation in the eyes and the eyelids?

Article: Few disease conditions which may result in visual disturbances or loss of vision for you.

Article: How to improve your health, focus, concentration and energy and be comfortable? Take a break.

Article: What you need to do when you feel low, depressed and frustrated?

Article: How important is research in health-care? How you can contribute towards it?

Article: What is the most important qualities to become a Doctor, Homeopath, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, and any health-care professional?

Article: How can a Homeopath, a Doctor, a Therapist, a Counsellor improve their knowledge & practical skills?

Article: What determines the various parameters of cure, the speed of cure, the amount of cure, etc?